Hoyland Coffee Shop

You can buy our entire range of coffee (whole bean and everything ground to order) on site as well as Bodum coffee makers & Aeropress.


Opening times:

Monday - Wednesday 8am-3pm

Thursday - Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 9am-2pm 


We have an amazing selection of cakes, brownies and hot food too.  We also serve tea, Yorkshire tea, obviously. 

Dog friendly is an understatement, we prefer dogs over most people.  Cats, fish, polar bears etc are less welcome. 



Contact our Hoyland Store team on; 01226 661 291

4 King Street, Hoyland, S74 9JP

Our Hoyland coffee shop is the first of its kind.

We roast all our coffee on site and you can see it in action.  From roast to cup in 5 days!